Steampunk Bionics Academy Pedorthic Course APPROVED and ENROLLING NOW!

Experience – CFS Allied Health Education / Steampunk Bionics Academy has been a leader in O & P education since 2004. Our program director and senior instructor, Rick Sevier, was the Pedorthic program director at Oklahoma State University and Prolearn for years. Yolanda also taught in the O & P and Pedorthics department at Oklahoma State University as well as teaching pedorthics at Prolearn. Danielle taught in a nursing school in France prior to coming to the USA. She has been a valued instructor for the CFS / Steampunk Bionics Academy educational team since 2017, where she has taught both orthotic fitter and shoe fitter classes. We have successfully managed an online Pedorthic precertification program for the Pedorthic Association of Australia for nearly a decade, as well as providing an International Pedorthic Skills program to learners worldwide.
Rick Sevier, C.Ped, CPOA, BOCO, BS Ed. has been an ABC Certified Pedorthist and instructor since 2004 and holds three degrees in Technical Education, Orthotics and Prosthetics from Oklahoma State University. He is also a BOC Certified Orthotist and ABC Certified Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistant.
Yolanda Sevier holds a degree in Orthotics and degree in Prosthetics from Oklahoma State University. She is an ABC Certified Pedorthist, an ABC Certified Fitter of Orthotics, a BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitter and a Licensed Practical Nurse.
Danielle Chung, CO, was a nurse / nurse manager in Paris prior to coming to the USA. She graduated from the Orthotist practitioner program at Century College and became a Certified Orthotist in 2002.
Focus – Steampunk Bionics Academy only does full time education. Our multiple fully functional facilities are dedicated to one thing: Providing the learner with the best educational experience in the USA and beyond.
Technology – Our advanced technology includes scanners, a dedicated 3D printer lab, CNC mills and CAD workstations. Our Learning Management system allows us to track student progress in real time and to assist us in ensuring student success through communication and interaction. Our “Virtual Patients” allow a safe space for students to assess, create and implement treatment plans on patients in real world scenarios.
Options – Whether you decide to attend the five-day live class portion at our main lab in Tulsa Oklahoma, our sister lab in Jacksonville Florida, or one of our scheduled mobile classes at our vendor partner locations, you have options. Our “Pedorthics on the Move” self-contained, ADA compliant, fully equipped diesel bus can bring the Pedorthic lab and classroom components to your location! Additionally, our “Pedorthics in a Box” program can bring the Pedorthic lab and classroom components to your space. So many options!
Personal – We choose to keep our classes small, limited to six students or less. We have learned over the last two decades of teaching pedorthics and O & P that students in larger classes don’t receive the one-on-one that they expect and deserve. This is an investment in both time and money.
Student Success – The student has access to all online content for one year. This allows plenty of time for the student to review and study for their Board exam, further ensuring student success.
Industry Support – Many vendors have donated or provided reduced cost goods and equipment to our program. They are excited to see new Pedorthists enter the field and are very supportive of Steampunk Bionics Academy’s success.
Affordable – Classes start at $3500. Our classes are not only affordable but come with payment plans if needed. We use ShopPay for those wanting to make installments. The advantage of having multiple class locations often means less travel for students. The additional option of having the classroom come to your location can mean thousands saved in travel and lodging expenses, and less time spent away from family, loved ones and work.
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2023 – Pedorthic Schedule:

October 23 – 27 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

October 30 – Nov 3 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

November 6 – 10 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Bensalem, PA – (Frankford Leather Hosting)

November 13 – 17 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Jacksonville, FL

November 27 – Dec 1 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

December 11 – 15 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Jacksonville, FL

2024 – Pedorthic Schedule:

January 8 – 12 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

January 29 – Feb 2 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

February 19 – 23 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

March 4 – 8 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

March 25 – 29 – ABC Pedorthic Class Part II – Tulsa, OK

More Pedorthic classes to be added soon.

So Everybody Can Move

Movement is medicine and physical activity is
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unable to afford and access life-changing prosthetic
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Every BODY Can Move is working to change this
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